Alex Wagner Quotes

To some Americans, there was no possible way I could naturally be the daughter of this white American; I had to be from someplace else. -Alex WagnerThere’s a lot of ‘ancestor tourism’: and people will go back to Ireland to touch ground and have a pint in the same place where their forefathers once did …

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Agnes Moorehead Quotes

When there is a pain-in-the-neck role for a girl to play, the directors start yelling ‘Agnes.’ -Agnes MooreheadI lived on oatmeal soup and apples. Nourishing enough. -Agnes MooreheadI’m a Presbyterian minister’s daughter. -Agnes Moorehead I had a martyr complex as a child. I longed to attend the parties my classmates gave. But I was a …

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Adore Delano Quotes

In high school I dabbed in drag. I used to compete in singing competitions, like at the Christian college by my house. -Adore DelanoRight before I auditioned for ‘American Idol’ my mom made me kinda cut my hair off, but year, I was wearing makeup from, like 13 to 16, and I was like completely …

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Adam Gilchrist Quotes

Losing the Ashes was intense and emotional. My personal lack of results and contribution through that series played havoc in my mind. -Adam GilchristThat ’05 Ashes and where that then took me personally for the next 12-18 months was the toughest point of my career. -Adam GilchristI have no desire to keep playing international Test …

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A. J. Odudu Quotes

With the support of my family, my constant pillar of strength and protection, I have risen above hate with love and excellence, and a very strong sense of self. -A. J. OduduJudge people by their behaviour, not their platitudes. -A. J. OduduIf you’re lucky enough to have a Black friend who has tolerated your racist …

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Arunima Sinha Quotes

I was a sportsperson and had always been so independent. And then suddenly, I had lost such a key part of my body. -Arunima SinhaI knew that there would be climbers around me who would reach the summit faster. I was warned not to be hasty. -Arunima SinhaI come from Ambedkar Nagar, a small district …

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Arn Anderson Quotes

I’m Arn Anderson, and I’d be damned if I’m going to coach a loser. -Arn AndersonLet’s just say, guns are not a part of my everyday thought process or life but I do agree that sometimes you have to protect what’s yours. -Arn AndersonBeing a Horseman isn’t something you put on in the morning and …

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Angus Macfadyen Quotes

I had to convince the investor that Scotland and Montana look completely alike. He couldnt believe it. But they actually do. I defy anybody to tell when were in Montana and when were in Scotland. -Angus MacfadyenI was throwing the big broadsword around my head for a couple of hours. Then I went horse riding …

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