Yuzvendra Chahal Quotes

    My biggest strength is I never look at the batsman’s name when bowling.

    Chess taught me patience.

    To kill time, I went to learn dance and there I met my to-be wife. She is a choreographer.

    We didn’t discuss Covid at home and did activities like Tik Tok to divert our minds.

    You can’t bowl fast on flat wickets and you need to give it loop so that the ball takes turn.

    If you worry about the batsmen or their stature, then you cannot play to your strengths.

    I realized that at the World Cup – which incidentally was my first ever World Cup – the media would be commenting not only on our game, but also on our different styles. That’s why I decided to seek professional help to put my looks together.

    Initially, I was a bit shy about experimenting with my look, but now I am open to trying out various styles and am getting a sense of what would look good on me.

    One of my cousins is a golfer, so I got motivated to try the game and I enjoy the relaxed pace it offers me after the fast pace of cricket.

    I don’t want to bulk up as that would affect my bowling and running style. I have learnt to accept my body and I handle criticism positively.

    Days were tough to pass. So, I used to work out in the mornings and sleep during the day. I turned day into night, night into day.

    When the lockdown happened, I ordered gym equipment at my home and for the first two months, I worked out.

    It’s an amazing feeling Whenever you do well for India, it is a great feeling.

    I’m like a coy and go into my shell when I face girls.

    If I know someone for 5 or 6 years that is fine, else if someone comes in front of me for the first time, I just can’t speak and end up smiling and walking off.

    I like loud music and I like to go to places where I get loud music.

    I like to go out and have fun. I can’t stay inside the room as I feel irritated. Even if I am not going to party somewhere, I prefer going out for dinners.

    In New Zealand, Tom Latham was batting and was continuously playing sweep shots. I tried googlies and leg spins but those didn’t work out against him. He was hitting me for boundaries. I was really disappointed.

    Mahi bhai is one the best and greatest players India has produced.

    After 40 overs, Virat bhaiya fields at the boundary and you need someone to teach you and guide you.

    It’s a big thing to play under Mahi bhai. He was my first captain.

    I am a shy type of guy.

    I am happy even if I am not playing but the team is winning.

    I have played ODIs and T20Is but when someone calls you a Test player, it is a different feeling all together.

    When you go under the sun and play, it is challenging.

    It is very important to remain fit and focused.

    I never thought along the lines of red ball or white ball cricket. I just go and enjoy my game.

    I have never let the personal life affect my professional life.

    Sometimes giving a single is better than risk being hit around. You can then attack to take wickets.

    My biggest strength is the way I vary pace without any change in my hand-speed. The batsmen can’t make out.

    In the nets, I would see spinners like Piyush Chawla bhai or Amit Mishra bhai running in to bowl. I decided I am going to change my run-up and begin to run in to bowl.

    In the afternoons I spend time with family.

    I am working towards it, and it is a dream to play Test matches for India.

    I started watching videos of Shane Warne sir, and that’s where I realized what leg-spin is. He was my idol, and I wanted to be like him, bowl like him.

    When I gradually realized the emotion behind it, I began playing cricket in our neighborhood, which I think everyone has.

    I realized that the ball is turning more in leg-spin, which would make things difficult for the batsmen, so this made me enjoy bowling leg-spin more.

    During Pataudi Trophy, which is a senior tournament played in Haryana, I was just 10-year-old back then, the match was in Sirsa, and there were just 11 of us, including me. The remaining player couldn’t make it on time due to a flat tire, so my coach asked me to play the match. You know, I was the only 10-year-old among those senior players.

    In ODIs and T20s, if the run-rate is high, then the batsman tries to go after you and get out. But in the longer form you need to get them out with your skills. You need to use your brain more.

    It’s difficult to bowl a good ball but to take a wicket off it, that’s even more difficult.

    At times, when batsmen are not under pressure, it becomes easy to face the bowlers.

    The new-ball bowlers usually bowl seven to eight overs before we spinners come into the attack, and the pressure they build on the batsmen with the new ball – they concede not more than 20-25 runs – helps us plan our line of attack as to where to bowl to maintain that pressure.

    Everyone wants to be a part of the World Cup and to play for the country.

    When you know that if you are not performing well there are three or four others who can replace you, it automatically boosts me to work harder.

    When a top batsman is coming after me, I have more chance of getting his wicket as he is just looking for fours and sixes. If I am vulnerable, he is vulnerable too. I can use my variations well and take my chances against him. That’s how I look at batsmen attacking me.

    If you are bowling well and not getting wickets, it’s not a big issue. Sometimes I am economical, but not getting enough wickets. But if I am not bowling well and not getting wickets, then it’s a disturbing thing.

    I have not played that many matches for India, but whenever I play in Bengaluru, I feel it is like my home. I have taken wickets here.

    You can’t predict anything in T20s.

    Honestly, I didn’t expect my call-up. I was just playing my game and will continue giving my best. Rest will be taken care by selectors. If they think I am good enough, they will take me in. Champions Trophy is a very big stage and there will be lot more opportunities for me in the coming future.

    I have some tricks in my mind and would like to first try them out in the practice sessions.

    Test cricket is the ultimate challenge for any player.

    The goal is to win the World Cup for India but my personal goal is representing India in Tests.

    I just want to do well and contribute in any way I can for my team whenever I get the chance to perform.

    Even two bad overs can change the game in the powerplay.

    Even regular keepers miss stumping chances and miss catches. These things happen.

    We have to be mentally strong to prepare to face a team like South Africa in their own backyard.

    I tend to bowl outside the off-stump and I vary my pace.

    If batsmen put up a good total on the board, then it gives the bowlers more confidence to bowl well.

    I know Kuldeep Yadav for a very long time. We have played with and against each other a lot.

    I am not aware of any player in the Indian team changing the size of the bat.

    We have to forget about the games we lost because we cannot change the results.

    I had to chose between chess and cricket.

    I don’t get to spend too much time with my family.

    We have to remain united to fight coronavirus. You can read, learn dance, cook, learn new things in the time available.

    Obviously, you want to wear the whites. If someone calls you a Test player, there is no bigger compliment.

    Every cricketer dreams of playing Test cricket. If I get a chance, I will be geared up. I think I am good enough and will be ready to play whenever I get a chance.

    You have to be more patient in Test cricket.

    Whenever I bowl, I vary the pace because otherwise, it becomes easy for the batsmen if you bowl at the same pace.

    I have always had that drift, that’s key for me.

    When there is a lot of cricket to play we say there is so much going on’ but we start missing it when there is no action.

    I miss bowling, I am what I am because of cricket only.

    You cannot win every match.

    In the beginning, in school, I used to bowl medium-pace. Later, dad said that medium pacers need a proper body, and it also involves more risks of injury.

    Since I am a leg spinner, I would like to show all my four variations from all angles, two kinds of googlies which have been successful against left-handed batsmen.

    I have a complete temple of Lord Shiva. I have Shivansh written on me and that is the name of my sister’s son. I am a Leo so I also have a lion. I also have a warrior type tattoo as that gives me the spirit to fight when I am on the field. The pain of getting inked gives me joy.

    I love bowling on flat wickets with a bit of bounce. That personally suits my game.

    I always wanted to get piercings and tattoos done from a young age.

    Playing for your country is very different from playing IPL.

    Sometimes you can’t even defend 350 and sometimes, you can defend even 250. It’s all about mindset.

    I started in 2014 and I came from Mumbai Indians. That time I never thought that I’ll play 100 matches for RCB. So, yeah, it’s a very emotional journey.

    If you are playing in any team or even if you represent your country, some pressure is there. This is a World Cup so all the eyes are on you.

    Dhoni bhai is approachable.

    Dhoni has abundance of experience with him. We all are lucky that we are sharing the field with him.

    I don’t like bowling on turning wickets because on turning wickets, most balls would just beat the batsmen. On flat wickets you can plan – when to bowl sliders, when to bowl googly.

    Wrist-spinners are mostly attacking, and when your captain is so attacking you get freedom to attack more.

    When I was playing in IPL, mom dad both were COVID positive. Mom had a mild one but dad’s one was serious as his oxygen count fell to 85.

    I learnt that no matter how busy you are you need to find time for your workout and gym.

    I am really happy in life. I have a partner who really understands me and spends time with me.

    When you play for India, you get more confidence because of bowling at Chinnaswamy. A spinner is always worried about short boundaries, but having bowled here, I don’t fear bowling anywhere.

    In fact, I prefer flat wickets, for it gives our batsmen a chance to post big totals.

    Against the best batsmen, you can’t have a defensive strategy.

    I want each and every ball that I bowl to to be my best delivery.

    Before a marquee tournament like World Cup, a good IPL acts as a confidence booster.

    When you play for India and also start performing, your fan base increases, the media highlights your performances. You feel a sense of positivity with all the praise and adulation that comes your way.

    I’m very happy to be associated with Playing 11; fantasy gaming is growing very rapidly and Playing 11 is a great stage for people/users to use their skill, create enthusiasm, fun from the comfort of your device.

    I go for wickets and I flight the ball.

    I don’t bowl to escape with cheap economy.

    Batsmen who don’t use their feet, you have to keep the ball a little bit away from them.

    In limited-overs, leg-spinners are often rewarded as batsmen go for big shots. In Tests, they don’t go after a bowler aggressively.

    It is a bowler’s skill that gets him wickets in Tests.

    When you play at Chinnaswamy Stadium, it is very loud and the crowd is always supporting you.

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